Schmalstieg currently has two storage facilities at its disposal. The smaller facility is located in Harburg’s inland port at the mooring site of the supply vessels. This storage facility is used today for the temporary storage of containers for supply vessels and for the storage of uncontained product. In the hall, a 13-chamber tank with a total volume of 120,000 litres. The product is delivered using four separate delivery systems to prevent contamination of the product. The range of storage options is supplemented by a waterborne storage facility in the form of a tanker barge with six chambers and a volume of 120,000 litres.

In 2008, we set up and launched a modern high-rack storage facility in Hamburg’s Neuhof. This facility is located on the works premises of H&R Ölwerke Schindler GmbH and also replaces the old container warehouse of this plant. The former works manager Mr Baumgart and the management of H&R Ölwerke Schindler made this storage facility possible and laid the foundations for a closer partnership between our two companies. The proximity to the lubricant plant of BP enables other benefits to be derived from joining forces. Almost all of our customers also store ship lubricants in this storage facility. We can thus access these products at any time, loading and delivering the goods even at weekends and on bank holidays if necessary. Our customers have the option of performing stock queries online, enabling them to view their current inventories and the deliveries made at any time.

Rapid reaction times

Our own storage facilities enable us to access our customers’ products very quickly and at short notice, even on weekends. This flexibility is particularly critical in shipping. The production of the adjacent mineral oil plant also profits from this. Another strength is the short times for loading and unloading.