We have positioned our two supply vessels in the Port of Hamburg. Our smaller supply vessel – the ‘Heinrich’ – has eight chambers with a load volume of 56,000 litres. This barge, formerly called ‘Mobil 7’, was purchased in 1985 and has been thoroughly overhauled. Modifications and improvements have been made continuously to this day. The Barge Heinrich is only used as a “back up” for the ‘Heinrich 2’ to at shipyard stays continue to be able to ensure the deliveries from the water side. Many of our customers have already travelled on the barges for various events or training courses.

The barge ‘Heinrich 2’, formerly called ‘Castrol Hamburg’, was purchased in 2001 and then thoroughly overhauled and rebuilt. The entire ship was taken apart and all of the fittings removed. Even the fitted tanks were taken out, leaving only an empty hull at the end, which was blasted, base-coated and painted. Everything was then refitted, from the engine to the bow jet thruster, from the hydraulics to the wiring. The ‘Heinrich 2’ has 14 chambers with a load volume of just under 221,000 litres, as well as two separate delivery systems with a total pump output of 70m³/h.


Heinrich I

  • Eight chambers
  • 56,000 litres
  • State-of-the-art navigation systems
  • Continuously adjustable pump

Heinrich II

  • Bought and overhauled in 2001
  • Bow jet thruster
  • Limit indicator for the loading tanks
  • State-of-the-art navigation systems
  • Continuously adjustable pumps