One of Schmalstieg’s core elements is its own workshop with attached tanker cleaning facility. The vehicles are built by our own employees in line with our standards here and fitted with the necessary equipment. Subsequent and ongoing preventative maintenance ensures that the failure rate of the vehicles and the fitted technology remains at a minimum.

In our own workshop, we not only maintain and overhaul our vehicles – we also build them ourselves. The reasons for this vary, but all of them ultimately benefit the quality of our vehicles and thus the quality of our service as well. After all, reliability and punctuality are key demands in maritime transport due to the constant reductions in layover times. Technical faults during delivery must be avoided at all cost. 

This is why we perform preventative maintenance, are aware of the potential problems with the vehicles from our many years of experience, and are generally able to repair them ourselves. Each vehicle has a service life record in which all repairs and spare parts are listed from purchase to construction, from usage to sale.

In the adjacent tanker cleaning facility, which uses rainwater as a water source, our vehicles are washed and the tanks cleaned from the inside. The chambers can also be dried using a hot air blower. A steamer can be used to heat the products in the tanker and drums in a heating room. All this combined together with the many smaller and larger details on the vehicles make it a unique proposition for the market, and together with the experienced staff, it represents the basis for the success of Schmalstieg.