Maritime transport

We deliver to ships and supply vessels by land to more than 100 larger and smaller ports in our supply area with our tankers. We have a number of ‘standardised’ articulated tankers at our disposal. These have been fitted with two discrete pumping systems, enabling them to make ‘normal’ deliveries to industrial facilities or workshops. All of the tanks are insulated and are fitted with strong pumps and 100 m of hose.

To enable deliveries to narrow quays or quays with weight restrictions, we also have a wide variety of smaller vehicles available, and these have also been fitted with strong pumping systems and long hoses, including our container vehicles. This is necessary to satisfy the increasingly stricter safety and environmental requirements imposed by port and quay operators. The containers remain on the vehicle during the pumping process and are pumped directly from there using the fixed pumping system, which includes a fixed hose. The only thing that differs between these vehicles and the tankers is the container in which the product is transported. This is necessary to satisfy the ever-increasing safety and environmental requirements of ports and wharf operators.

However, there are delivery points where a hose length of 100 m is insufficient, or where the product and pumping equipment needs to be loaded onto a tugboat or other waterborne equipment. For cases like these, we make use of a variety of additional special equipment such as a special hose truck with 200 m of hose, additional portable pump and even an independent power supply unit. These devices are also used for reverse pumping, for example from difficult-to-reach tanks.

Tankers for maritime use

The vehicles are based on our many years of experience, and are always being further developed. The articulated tankers and equipment enable deliveries to be made today, even under the most challenging conditions. All of the tankers are fitted with at least 100 m of hose as standard.


We perform deliveries for automotive and mini-bulk segments using vehicles that are short and as manoeuvrable as possible to enable them to drive onto the usually tight and obstructed courtyards. The tankers for this segment have a large number of chambers and up to six discrete delivery systems, each including a pump, measurement profile and hose. This establishes the basis for the correct and uncontaminated delivery of various types of lubricant. Our experienced drivers know the differences between the products, are well versed in the use of the vehicles assigned to them, familiarise themselves with the local equipment before commencing pumping and are very careful to avoid possible contamination or overfilling during the pumping process.

These tankers are also insulated, heated, cleanable and additional have an 80m hose drum. Depending on the vehicle, the pumping equipment will either be on the side under the tank or on the rear of the vehicle. With our eight-chamber articulated lorry with four pumping systems, we have also ensured that the construction is short and manoeuvrable. This short trailer therefore also has a steering axle, which is otherwise only found rarely.

TKW Mini-Bulk

The mini-bulk tank trucks are characterized by a greater number of chambers and measured sections. This allows a 100% varietal release of various products.


  • eight chambers
  • up to six measurement profiles
  • + 80m hose drum
  • total volume up to 24.000 litres

Container truck

IBC, barrels and small containers are delivered with our container trucks. Despite the different size of the trucks, all vehicles are able to pump the containers directly aboard the ships.


  • up to 25 t capacity
  • up to two discrete delivery systems
  • partly with measuring section
  • min. 40 m hose lengths

Miniature wonderland

With an articulated tanker through the miniature wonderland.

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